Avaya - Voice Mail Pro

Avaya - Voice Mail Pro

VoiceMail Pro for IP Office adds significant value to VoiceMail Lite with its increased capacity and refined services. Businesses with growing needs can scale up to 30 simultaneous calls and every business can take advantage of the VoiceMail Pro Manager. With a powerful voice processing system and an easy-to-use graphical interface, it offers tools that make your employees more productive, including integrated voice and e-mail messaging, and auto attendant. Voicemail Pro is a licensed version of voicemail for IP Office. It builds on Voicemail Lite in a number of ways: Support for more than two simultaneous voicemail users. By default each user and hunt group still receives the standard voicemail feature. However, voicemail behavior can be individually customized. Customization can also be applied to the defaults for all users and hunt groups and to access via custom short codes. The maximum recordable length of messages can be changed from the fixed 60 second limit of Voicemail Lite. Automatic call recording (Voice Recording) for selected Users, Hunt Groups and CLI's allows the automatic recording of calls. This is set up through the Manager application. Campaigns allow a sequence of messages to be played to a caller and the caller's response to those questions (spoken and/or telephone key presses) is recorded. These responses can then be accessed and acted upon by the call agents. Integrated Messaging System (IMS) adds sophisticated voicemail to email integration.

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